Figure 4 Modular


Affordable prototyping and direct 3D production solution that grows with your business.

Scalable, medium throughput solution for prototyping and direct 3D production

Figure 4 Modular features an automated material feed system with an expandable capacity of up to 24 print engines. Ideal for medium output, the Figure 4 Modular enables affordable part production in a flexible, modular system architecture, offering separate post-processing units for cleaning, drying, and curing. Perfect when a single high throughput line can serve a multitude of parts being produced, and centralized post-processing is preferred. The Figure 4 Modular is an affordable 3D production solution that grows with your business with the flexibility to adapt to production layouts.

Fast Turnaround

Ultra-high print speeds achieve same-day functional prototyping iteration and low-volume production. To maintain momentum throughout development, new designs can be delivered in short time frames.

  • Rapid functional prototyping
  • Low volume bridge manufacturing
  • Casting patterns
  • Elastomeric parts
  • Automated material handling
  • Individual printer modules can be dedicated to individual materials
  • Centralized post-processing (cleaning, drying, curing)
  • Six Sigma quality and repeatability
  • High throughput and productivity
  • Same day print and ship
  • Rapidly expandable capacity