Freeform™ + Touch X (Design)

Geomagic Freeform® and Freeform PlusTM are industry-leading precision 3D design and sculpting software platforms that break through the limitations of traditional CAD design and bring your visions to reality.

The Leading Design and Sculpting Toolset

Geomagic Freeform offers a comprehensive design and sculpting toolset, allowing you to sculpt, detail and deform virtual clay models into any form you desire — all with embossed textures, intuitive latticework and structure creation tools.

Geomagic Freeform Plus takes these toolsets into advanced manufacturing design. This includes conversion to NURBS surfaces, mold and die design, shelling, draft analysis and parting line functions.

Production Ready Design Software

Solve complex manufacturing and design challenges through the use of the industry’s best organic 3D engineering tools.

This is the satisfaction of physical clay modeling combined with the intuitive benefits of digital design software.

Freeform gives you the power to be more consistent and productive with your design efforts, opening up new doors for better and smarter intuitive 3D design.

Better Design With Less Limitations

Geomagic Freeform’s comprehensive Structure FX toolset delivers the ability to create complex, custom, internal and external lattice structures for lightweight and beautiful designs. Advanced mesh tools allow for functional meshes for such applications as custom medical implants.

The robust nature of Structure FX not only allows for complete customizability but also comes fully equipped with existing patterns. State-of-the-art tools also have the ability to create cages that are perfect for medical applications such as implants.

Remove the limitations of geometric design by combining organic and engineering forms. Model accurately around imported CAD models and scanned components and boolean them out for the finished product. Elevate the finish of the design with innovative 3D texture and embossing tools.

Geomagic Freeform picks up where traditional CAD software stops. Now you can design like never before, creating beautiful precision-sculpted forms, working from an original design or building around existing 3D data.

Industry Ready

Designers shine with complete flexibility. Freeform allows designers the complete freedom to create without limits allowing for ideas to be explored. Not only can designers create from scratch but also through the help of 3D data from scans or other beneficial sources to create the very best design possible.

When it comes to industrial level design there is little room for error. Freeform comes equipped with tools to prevent design flaws. Ensure your designs are topologically errorless through Freeform’s voxel technology.

Not only are these tools beneficial to the designer but are also extremely cost-effective. Redesigns or design repairs can take up time and money. These checking tools ensure that designs are flawless from creation to finish.