The Very Best Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing provides benefit to virtually every aspect of product development, research, and development, as well as manufacturing. These are tried and true applications that are impacting thousands of companies today. We are constantly pushing the envelope to develop new applications that will make an impact in other areas and industries.

Additive Manufacturing can assist with:
• Conceptual Prototyping     • Product Testing Prototypes
• Jigs/Fixtures/Drill Guides      • End Of Arm Tooling
• Hydroforming/Metal Stamping Tools     • Thermoforming Tools
• Low-run Injection Mold Inserts     • Medical Device Development
• Surgical Planning/Guides     • Anatomical Models     • Education/Research

Rapid Prototyping

3D Systems has been using additive manufacturing to produce world-class prototypes for nearly 40 years. When you need your operation to be agile and cost-effective, you must rely on robust technology that has been perfected over decades and continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Having a physical, working prototype of how the end product will look, feel and function is priceless for your customers. You will acquire the power to print iteration after iteration of developing designs which will allow you to complete projects weeks, if not months quicker than outsourcing. Reduced costs and more finished projects mean more profit for your business and a much higher ROI.


Low-run Production

3D printing is not just for prototyping anymore.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Digital Light Printing (DLP) are two additive technologies that produce durable end-use parts. It skips the traditional tooling process completely which saves a huge amount of time and money.

You are now able to begin manufacturing parts immediately versus waiting for the tool to be built. This method is effective for anything under 10,000 parts per year, or can also be used for bridge manufacturing, high demand parts needed before tooling is complete.

Our Figure 4 production cells give you the power to harness the future of manufacturing. Fully automated production and secondary processes save massive amounts of time and money. With the broadest range of production materials available in the industry for the widest range of applications — our manufacturing technology enables companies to create better, smarter and more.