Stereoligraphaphy (SLA)

From your office to the factory floor, our plastic 3D printers generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts to optimize your designs, streamline your workflows and bring innovative products to market faster.

ProJet 6000HD

Highest 3D printed quality and accuracy for small to medium sized parts


ProJet 7000HD

Highest 3D printed part quality and accuracy for larger size


The Plastic Standard

Our SLA printers define speed and precision. Unmatched in material availability with some of the broadest application flexibility in the industry — this really is the plastic standard.

Our Stereolithography 3D printers create part production accuracy without limits. This is detail and quality like you have never seen before. With a wide spectrum of applications ranging from medical to industrial.

The Single Source

The SLA line offers a multilevel approach to 3D printing by acting as multiple printers at once in an all-in-one solution.

This a single source solution for printers, material, and even software with very low material waste. This is everything you have been looking for.

Both printers give you one point of contact to empower your applications and everyday use of our premier technology that is perfect for additive manufacturing.


We took Stereoligraphaphy and shaped it into a smaller footprint.

We’ve created truly intuitive 3D printing that works alongside your workflow instead of against it. Our injection molding accuracy even rivals that of CNC (computer numerical control).

Our Accura materials are customized to our 3D print engine — allowing for unmatched consistency and unrivaled precision. Traditional plastic materials work — but our materials exceed the boundaries that were previously defined.

We took the time to fine tune our SLA printers down to the very last detail in order to create extreme cost benefits to our customers.

• Broad application flexibility
• Wide selection of material
• Local field service and application support
• Intellectual property protection with in house CAD data