Figure 4 Printers

Figure 4 makes 3D production a reality—with increased productivity, durability, repeatability and lower total cost of operations (TCO). Figure 4 delivers productivity enabled through speed and automation with real world repeatable, accurate parts with demonstrated Six Sigma performance in a diverse range of robust, production-grade materials.

Figure 4

Affordable industrial-grade solution for lower cost production parts


Figure 4

Upgradeable 3D production designed to scale with growth



Game changing affordability, ease-of-use and quality in an entry-level 3D printer


The future of manufacturing has arrived

Figure 4 has revolutionized the manufacturing world.

Fully automated production integrated with secondary processes. These processes allow you to do everything you need within the Figure 4 Technology system.

Secondary processes include:
• Material recovery     • Part wash      • Curing station

The speed and precision Figure 4 presents is truly incredible. Module arrays create finished parts every few seconds empowering you to create more.

The Figure 4 Advantage

Regardless if you choose to utilize the single cell, modular or full production line Figure 4 — the advantages for your manufacturing costs and efficiencies are second to none.

From part costs to cloud based serviceability, Figure 4 gives you an advantage throughout the creation process. This is true 3D production with custom configurations and massive scalability.
• Up to 20% lower part cost     • High speed digital molding
• Inline, integrated and fully-automated post-processing
• Automated material delivery     • Tool-less production

The Figure 4 also comes fully integrated with 3D Sprint™ advanced print software, allowing you to become more efficient while saving you money by cutting out the search for a third party software vendor.

Figure 4 also comes equipped with 3D Connect™ cloud based serviceability for proactive and preventative support. Get the very best in production assurance by solving issues remotely or receiving on-site services.

Unlock mass customized production

With Figure 4 you’re able to manufacture one of a kind, unique products for hundreds and even thousands of customers. The Figure 4 fits your needs and requirements better than ever thought possible to manufacture all within a single cell.

Our selection of Figure 4 cells give you the freedom to create using the broadest range of production materials in the industry for the broadest set of production applications.

We really took the time to consider everything you would need.

• Automatic support placement     • End-use durable parts     •Rapid and general prototyping
• Direct casting patterns     • Jigs and fixtures     • Detailed surface texturing
• Replacements for injection molding and casting urethane